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Auto Safety Inspections in Kealakekua, HI

Ensure your vehicle is road-worthy with the help of the experts at AutoTech. As an authorized auto inspection repair shop, we provide complete auto safety inspections for all private and commercial vehicles. Simply bring your original insurance cards—we can't accept copies—and a valid vehicle registration to your appointment and we'll evaluate your vehicle right here in our shop while you wait. It's that simple! Our goal is deliver accurate, efficient auto safety checks so you can get back out there.

Once your vehicle passes the state vehicle inspection, we'll affix the issued sticker to your car and deliver the proof of inspection and approval immediately, ensuring you have everything you need before you leave our auto shop. Remember to leave your sticker visible at all times, whether driving or parked, to avoid penalties. For more information about the safety check process, visit Hawaii County's website

Call us today to schedule your safety check appointment! We look forward to serving you.

Complete Safety Check:

Wheels/Tires & Rims
Fuel & Intake System
Door Latches
Service/Parking Brakes
Window Tint/Windshield & Wipers
Seats & Belts
Exhaust System
Body & Floor Plan
Speedometer & Odometer